LitterRally is a movement that aims to inspire ecological empathy through re-imagining the trash pickup experience.

Through an ongoing event series that bring lightness and positivity to a pressing and extremely complex issue, LitterRally seeks to engage people with the environmental crisis in a proactive and meaningful way;

We are a community of young and inspired humans that empowers one another to discover new ways of living in awareness of our interconnection to the environment.


next event


at arcadia earth, noho, ny

oct 27th

3pm - 6pm

meet our team

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Alexa is a creative strategist and environmentalist focused on building social and ecological empathy through systems thinking and experiential design. Her work explores and seeks to connect the in-betweens of seemingly different ideas, people, and places. She currently works telling stories of eco-innovation for Parley for the Oceans in NYC. 

She is the founder of TrashTalk, which uses elements of mindfulness and embodied learning as a way to help humans shift our relationship to the earth. 

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Lauren is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at PangeaSeed, and the co-founder of The Dakuwaqa Project. She merges her background in international marketing and business development with her deep passion for ocean conservation and street art. By applying a strategic and results-driven approach, she enables partners to effectively communicate their commitment to healthy seas via engaging initiatives and messaging.

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Part of the International electronic-sensation duo FDVM, Victorien has been producing music for over 7 years. FDVM’s music catalog has garnered over 100 million streams online. 

Recently, driven by his desire to explore ancient music, Victorien started a solo project called Soul Potion. With this project, he weaves electronic music with ancient and sacred songs. Featuring live musicians, he invites the listeners on a spiritual journey through movement and dance. 

Victorien is on a journey to understand and share the power of music and sound, and make people smile.


they talk about us

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Bushwick Daily, 2019

“LitterRally’s founders, Alexa Gantous, Lauren Wood, and Victorien Mulliez, are passionate environmentalists. They wanted to raise awareness and make a positive impact in a light-hearted way. Trash felt like an obvious problem to tackle, because it’s something that everyone is confronted with on a daily basis. It’s tangible and thus easily used as a gateway into a bigger conversation about environmental problems.”